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Lewis & Clark Ventures believes that the “Between the Coasts” region’s strong fundamentals – our world-class research institutions, abundance of STEM graduates, bulk of the Fortune 500, and good old-fashioned grit – present an incredible opportunity for venture investing. But we also recognize that a sober examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the region is necessary to empower sustainable innovation. To that end, we’re proud to present our 2019 Tech Between the Coasts Report.

Tom Hillman and Brian Hopcraft

Our Story

Lewis & Clark Ventures was founded by former operators with the conviction that innovation and entrepreneurial talent are plentiful between the U.S. coasts. Our vision is to become a trusted partner to every entrepreneur that we back and assist in their journey towards scale and significance.

I’ve found the level of LACV's engagement to be on point
and productive. Not forced or superficial but engaged and
genuinely interested in being a helpful partner wherever possible.

Rodney Rice, CEO

Lewis & Clark Ventures is an invaluable partner committed to
exceptional growth and returns. The team asks the right questions,
identifies the gaps, and is committed to building lasting companies
who make a broad impact on the future of their industry.

Lori Coulter, President & CEO

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Lewis & Clark Ventures plays an integral role in supporting
women entrepreneurs. This isn’t just an investment: it’s a partnership.

Mindi Knebel, CEO

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